An Interview With One Of The Barbershops Lead Barbers, Luigi

An Interview With One Of The Barbershops Lead Barbers, Luigi

What is it about the Barbershop that turns men into gentlemen, and how do you play a role?

The impression of any man starts with his appearance. It’s the barbershop’s responsibility to not only groom the men of it’s community, but also to keep them current to cultural and social norms. As a barber I take these responsabilities seriously, carrying them out to the best of my ability.

How did you become a barber?

The importance of hair, and how you keep it, caught my interest in middle school. i couldn’t afford to go to the barber as often as i liked, so I bought a pair of clippers and started cutting my own hair. I got good, and moved on to friends and other kids at school. I developed a passion for cutting hair, and didn’t delay in getting licensed after high school.

What current trend in men’s grooming are you most fond of?

The return of dapper hairstyles like side parts and slick backs give me a comfortable feeling that no matter what, being a gentleman never goes out of style.

There is revival of whisky culture and gentlemen’s grooming. How would you say the two are connected?

Men are rediscovering the importance of quality, of being unique and appreciating one’s self worth. This translates into giving things like your personal grooming and unique tastes special attention. The satisfaction a true gentlemen’s grooming experience provides is unrivaled by your run of the mill get it out of the way haircut. The same can be said about a quality whiskey.

Barbers often build lists of regular clientele but the bar crowd in Las Vegas is more ephemeral.

How do provide the neighborhood barber vibe to gentlemen that are just passing through?

Simple, make them feel at home. Provide the best customer service possible, sure. More importantly though, you have to be yourself. I try to connect with every single person that sits in my chair in a real way.

What is the most popular service you provide?

Definitly the shave. it’s something you can’t get anywhere else, a straight edge shave to get your face baby smooth, or to leave your hair and beard lines impossibly defined.

When a gentleman sits down in your chair, can you recommend a drink based on the service he’s asking for?

Partnered with other observations about a person, in the few short moments from meeting them to consulting on what kind of service they want, it becomes quite possible to, sure. I make it a habbit to, whenever it’s asked of me.

Bartenders are known for playing the role of “therapist” for their patrons. Have you found that

as a barber you’ve taken on the role of a listening ear and confidant for your guests? What

outrageous stories have you heard?

Without question. Those conversations however are protected by Barber-Client Confidentiality

If you could cut, style or shave anyone, who would it be and why?

John Dillinger. His iconic short back and sides hair style was a reflection of how he lived his life; a rebel, but a gentleman all the same. His place in history and influence on modern barber culture would be the topic of our discussions at the chair.

After your time at the Barbershop, can you image ever returning to a more traditional line of

work in men’s grooming?

Anything is possible. Admittedly though there is absolutely nothing like representing my hometown, barbering in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, servicing people from around the world on a daily basis.