Head to a Vegas Speakeasy for an Unforgettable Night Out on the Strip

Head to a Vegas Speakeasy for an Unforgettable Night Out on the Strip

Step through the Doors of Time and Into an Unforgettable Night Out at the Hottest New Las Vegas Speakeasy

Prohibition may have ended in 1933 but prohibition era “bars”, otherwise known as speakeasies, have maintained their intrigue and allure – even making a comeback in recent years. While they’re no longer illegal operations, today’s speakeasy hasn’t lost any of the class and charisma of its predecessors.

Today, you’ll find speakeasies tucked in all corners of the United States but not all are created equal. If you’re looking for an unforgettable night out at a speakeasy, Las Vegas is the place to be. In fact, nights out are always better at a Las Vegas speakeasy.

If you’re thinking about a speakeasy on the strip for your next night out, here’s what you need to know for an experience that won’t disappoint – and why the Barbershop Vegas speakeasy should be number one on your list.

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The Allure of the Speakeasy

What is it about a speakeasy that captures people’s curiosity? Speakeasies are fueled by intrigue, mystery and the sense of doing something a little naughty. Back in the days of prohibition, the neighborhood speakeasy didn’t have any flashing signs or drink specials advertised in the windows. In fact, the goal was to not be discovered at all – except by patrons who were looking to unwind and have a great time.

During prohibition, speakeasies were a meeting place where you could expect the energy to be high and the drinks to be stiff. While prohibition era spirits may have been a little unrefined, you’ll have no trouble finding a refreshing, perfectly balanced cocktail crafted by skilled mixologists in today’s speakeasies. You get all the allure and nostalgia of days gone by but with perks that weren’t available to prohibition era partygoers.

For many people, the speakeasy experience is an adventure. It’s about trying something new and experiencing a hint of the past. Speakeasies are also completely different from what you’ll find in the typical bar scene. While each speakeasy has its own character, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to experience a level of class, sophistication, high quality spirits and creative mixology unlike what you’ll find in the average bar.

A Las Vegas speakeasy is the ultimate meeting place for you and your friends. Visit a speakeasy on the strip and you’ll find smooth drinks, engaging conversation and entertainment that will make your night one to remember. Most modern speakeasies are hidden gems, keeping the spirit of mystery alive and well. Considering this, how do you find them – especially somewhere with a bar scene as congested as the one in Las Vegas?

That’s easy. Start at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, where you’ll immediately want to get comfortable and stay for awhile.

About the Barbershop

The Barbershop is a cutting edge Las Vegas speakeasy. The concept is part whiskey bar, part legit, high class barbershop and 100% amazing and unforgettable. The Barbershop is the Cosmopolitan’s newest addition and it’s a speakeasy experience that won’t disappoint.

Taking a cue from speakeasies of the prohibition period, the Barbershop is a modern, classy whiskey bar that’s infused with an old-timey vibe. The atmosphere is intimate and intoxicating, and guests will find that what started off as a quick drink along the strip can easily turn into hours lost in conversation and good company.

There’s plenty about the Barbershop that makes it unique. For starters, gentlemen can settle down into one of the barber’s chairs for a cut, shave or just the indulgence of fine grooming. In the mood for a whiskey as smooth as your shave? No worries, the Barbershop offers an exclusive selection of aged whiskeys. This makes the Barbershop the perfect stop for a bachelors party or guys night out.

What if you have a mixed party of ladies and gents? The Barbershop is the perfect place to gather with great friends. Once you’re granted entry through the “secret” janitorial door, you’ll be transported back in time, to an era where class, great whiskey and good times with friends were among the most important things in life.

The Barbershop is unlike other speakeasies in so many ways. Here, you won’t find barbers and mixologists who are just doing their job and going through the motions. Every member of the Barbershop’s team approaches their craft with passion and a commitment to providing you with a Las Vegas experience that you won’t soon forget.


Why Nights Out in Vegas Are Always Better at a Speakeasy

If you’re looking for a completely ordinary experience, then the Barbershop can’t help you out. However, if you’re looking for a truly unique experience – one that’s unlike what you’ll experience anywhere else – then the Barbershop is your premier Las Vegas Destination.

Whether you’re a Vegas local or planning the trip of a lifetime, take our word for it – nights out are always better at a speakeasy, especially one that raises the bar like the Barbershop. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip at the luxurious Cosmopolitan, the Barbershop is one of the newest Vegas whiskey bars. Stop by and see for yourself how a night at the Barbershop is the ultimate speakeasy experience in Las Vegas.