A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock & Roll? Introducing Rawhide at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock & Roll? Introducing Rawhide at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

Introducing Rawhide – The New, Edgy Country Music Event at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

If you don’t know already, we’d like to let you in on a little secret. The country music scene in Las Vegas is smokin. While it’s a bit of a jaunt from Nashville, Vegas is where you’ll find some of the most talented country artists performing live music on the strip. But, like most things in Vegas, even our country music has a bit of an edge to it. You might describe it as a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

It’s true that we might be a little biased, and with good reason, but we happen to think there’s no better place to kick back and enjoy the edgy, country vibe than a smooth whisky bar that also happens to be one of the hottest speakeasies on the strip. This is why we’d like to invite you to join us for Rawhide – the place to be for Las Vegas country music every Sunday at 10pm.

What’s All This Noise About Rawhide?

Rawhide is a new featured event at the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails. It’s where you’ll find rock and roll and country music clash together in high energy harmony. By the time Sunday night rolls around in Vegas, you might have grown tired of the typical club scene and want to experience something completely different to bid farewell to the weekend. Rawhide at the Barbershop is exactly what the doctor – or mixologist – ordered.

Each Sunday night at 10pm, you can head through the secret door into the speakeasy that has everyone on the strip talking. While the Barbershop is building quite the reputation for it’s smooth, warm and slightly sultry vibe, there’s also an incredible music scene to be found. The newest Rawhide event, which features a new, edgy country artist every weekend, is the perfect compliment to the Barbershop’s atmosphere.

Whisky and Edgy Country

The Barbershop isn’t like any other country bar on the strip. In fact, it’s a different type of establishment altogether that transforms every Sunday night into the country bar on the strip with just the right amount of swagger. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that whisky culture is infused through every inch of the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails.

There’s really nothing that goes better with edgy country than a smooth whisky that lights your fire and lets you know you’re alive with each sip. The Barbershop has taken whiskey culture and elevated it to an art form. With a list of bourbons, scotch, and whiskey that would impress even the most sophisticated connoisseur, there’s something for every whisky drinker on the list – including a selection of “sissy whiskeys” for those that like their pours on the sweeter side.

Imagine making your way through the secret portal of the Barbershop on Sunday night, ordering a round – or bottle – of your favorite sipping whiskey and letting the music of Rawhide pour over you. We’re not talking about just heading to the bar to hear a band – Rawhide is a full-blown sensory experience.

Rawhide, Whisky and the Gentleman Culture

The Barbershop is the talk of Las Vegas, and there’s good reason why. First, when you step into the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, you’re going to be greeted by an atmosphere that’s smooth, elegant but also hides a hint of a wild side just beneath the exterior – much like today’s gentleman. In addition to Rawhide and an endless selection of the finest whisky’s, the Barbershop also happens to be the place where the everyday guy is transformed into a true gentleman.

At the Barbershop, you can receive a cut, shave and style by one of the master barbers. If listening to some great music why sipping on smooth whisky wasn’t enough to get you through the door, you can also polish your look for the week ahead at the same time. If gentleman culture could be wrapped up in two words, it would be “The Barbershop”.

A Night to Remember at the Barbershop

There’s no denying there’s an endless list of things to do and see on the strip in Vegas. With so many choices, deciding on one is enough to throw you into a tailspin. The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails makes the choice easy on Sunday nights with their Rawhide event. Grab a few of your favorite people and bring them through the janitorial door and into the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails for an unforgettable night of whiskey, laughs and insanely good country music. Don’t miss out on Rawhide by RSVPing and making your reservations at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails today.