The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails – Sharpen Your Wits

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails – Sharpen Your Wits

The Barbershop – A hidden gem inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where cuts and cocktails come together. The Barbershop basks the feel of your grandfather’s honing company but with a dodgy twist.

Located in the Cosmopolitan, our barber shop on the Las Vegas Strip offers an authentic experience that gives customers the chance to preserve and enjoy history in a speakeasy-inspired setting.

A secret entry through an unassuming janitor door leads to a beautifully appointed space which combines prohibition-style barbershop decor with a nod to the great whiskey bars of the world. Furnished with swanky couches and rich finishes, your bartender awaits your order, whether you’re craving craft beer or three fingers of whiskey.

In addition to being a speakeasy bar, The Barbershop is also a real, operating establishment dedicated to grooming and offering some of the best haircuts in Las Vegas.

With a time tested parlor ambiance, customers can kick back in a classic barber’s chair for a detail-oriented haircut, hot lather facial, beard trim or straight razor shave.

Relax and enjoy: our barbers take pride in their craft and aren’t simply moving on to the next customer. During the custom experience in which follicle traditionalists perfect their craft, customers are encouraged to enjoy a draft beer or aged whiskeys in our Las Vegas speakeasy.

The Barbershop is true, old-style men’s barber shop in Las Vegas that is unlike anything else. It’s a throwback to a time when whisky and liquor were king, and word of mouth was gold. We offer grooming at its finest, but without the gimmicks…because to actually be cool means not trying to act cool.