What Vegas Is Saying About the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails

What Vegas Is Saying About the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails

Why the Barbershop Is the Hottest Speakeasy in Vegas

There are lots of great spots to explore on the Strip, which might have you wondering what makes any one whisky bar in Vegas something special compared to the others. Well, for starters, whisky should be an experience – not just something that’s thrown back at any old bar without any personality or character whatsoever. Only the best Las Vegas whisky bars are born out of a desire to create something new and exceptional – a tough challenge in a city like this.

Just when you thought it’s all been done before, and that there’s no possible way that a new whisky bar on the strip can entice you with it’s uniqueness and refined charisma, along comes an establishment that catches you off guard, and leaves you pleasantly surprised. In this case, we’re talking about the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails.

The Barbershop is a modern take on the old-timey speakeasy. Nestled in the Cosmopolitan, the Barbershop is tucked away in true speakeasy fashion, yet has gained a reputation as one of the hottest place to enjoy live entertainment, along with whiskeys that are as smooth and perfected as the shaves provided by the skilled barbers.

Honestly, we could talk all day about why the Barbershop is the only place for cuts and cocktails, but that would make us sound a little conceded wouldn’t it? At the Barbershop we’re all about class and smooth sophistication, so why not let others do the talking for us. Here’s just a sampling of what people are saying about the Barbershop in Las Vegas

The Manual Becomes Smitten with the Barbershop

A while back the Barbershop invited the crew from the Manual to come by and check us out. After all, with the Barbershop’s attention to detail and unyielding sophisticated charisma, there’s no way this Las Vegas speakeasy wouldn’t be a hit with the Manual’s audience.

What ensured was a stream of compliments that almost makes us blush. 

“The Barbershop’s barbers, led by master barber Jose Sosa, are handsomely attired and talented artists who know no detail is too small – much like a painter surveying his canvas…What we received was exactly what we imagined and more. Our barber, former tattoo artist and classic cut composer, Mikey Escobar, worked fantastically around the edges, leaving behind a freshly lined beard with a bold border while leaving the thickness and fullness we were trying to conceptualize, but couldn’t quite communicate. Then again, that’s what barbers are for.”

They also had a few nice things to say about the carefully curated collection of whiskeys at the Barbershop.

“The barrel-aged whiskey collection spotlights spirits from all over the world. American bourbons and Scottish, Irish, Japanese, and Canadian whiskies — you name it, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails likely has it on hand.”

The Public Speaks About the Hottest Speakeasy in Vegas

Of course, it’s always nice to get some props from the likes of the Manual and other major voices in the industry. However, we know the words that matter the most are those that come directly from the guests who have found their way through our speakeasy door. At the Barbershop, we love sitting back at the end of a long day, perfectly aged whisky in hand, and perusing the web to see what our guests have to say. If we may toot our own horn for a minute, here are a few of our favorites.

From the depths of Google reviews …

“Met Abe and he got us right in.  Couldn’t believe how cool of experience this lounge is.  The house band was the best we’d ever heard.  Very comfortable seating, not too loud we couldn’t hear each other speak.”

“( Reza) If you want your beard lined up and your hair faded to the T.  Reza He is the man. The best barber not just in town but in the whole world.”

“Ssssshhhhhhhh, I can’t tell you where it is. But it was great!!”

And, let’s not forget about our friends over at Yelp…

“Absolutely love this beautiful speakeasy. Specializing in whiskey and bourbon with an intricate cocktail list you can’t go wrong. Eric the bartender is absolutely amazing, he made me some fabulous cocktails off menu and each one was better than the last.”

“Cosmo does it again. Replacing the tired Bond, The Barbershop pairs a faux-speakeasy vibe with legitimately outstanding cocktails, entertaining mixology ninjas and a dark, moody atmosphere that oozes romance and intrigue. It’s a must-visit.”

Don’t Take Their Word for It

It’s easy to browse the web and read a few reviews, but the only way to truly get a feel for everything that makes the Barbershop the most unique whisky bar in on the Strip is by coming in and experiencing it for yourself. Come visit us for the best cuts and cocktails in Vegas. Make a reservation by RSVPing at the Barbershop today.