Fabulous Whiskey Drinks to Ring in the Holidays with the Barbershop

Fabulous Whiskey Drinks to Ring in the Holidays with the Barbershop

Whiskey Makes the Holidays Better at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

Tis the season for celebrations, festivities, and putting a little whiskey in practically everything. When it comes to celebrating the holidays, no spirit warms you up like a good old whisky. What would the holidays be without a boozy hot chocolate, or a mug of eggnog spiked with your favorite bourbon? Whiskey makes all of your seasonal favorites better, whether it’s a warm apple cider or a spiced maple old fashioned. Maybe we’re a little biased but at the Barbershop, we just don’t feel like it’s really a holiday celebration if there isn’t whiskey involved.

This is one of our favorite times of year, and when you find your way to the Barbershop in Vegas, we’ll help spiff you up for your holiday gatherings while you sit back and enjoy our absolute favorite spirit of the season. If you’re a whiskey lover like us, the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails is going to be your speakeasy on the strip for all your holiday celebrations. Whiskey simply makes the holidays better, and here are a few of our favorite reasons why.

Whiskey Makes All Your Seasonal Favorites More Spirited

The holidays are a great time to explore the world of whiskey and maybe try out a new whiskey cocktail. That said, time honored seasonal favorites are always the most popular, and we think whiskey makes them even better.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a hot buttered rum? Now imagine the same flavors but complimented by a bourbon instead. Maybe Angel’s Envy, Eagle Rare, or Four Roses to top it off. The smooth notes of a high-quality whiskey also compliment a dark chocolate very nicely. Imagine a hot cocoa, maybe spiced with a little cinnamon, and then taken up a notch with your favorite whiskey. Perfect for taking the chill out or relaxing in front of the fire.

The holidays are synonymous with peppermint season, and while you might not think of the natural connection between whiskey and mint, the two opposing forces of warm and cool compliment and balance each other perfectly. Try an Irish whiskey like Jameson’s or Bushmills 16 year to liven up your peppermint drinks.

Whisky Cocktails at the Barbershop to Ring in the Holidays

You don’t have to go completely traditional this holiday season. In fact, we’d like to argue that there’s plenty of fun to be had in being a bit of rebel. At the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, we feature all your favorite whiskey cocktails, plus a few innovative creations to add some extra life to your holidays.

All the festivities of the holiday season can start to wear you down a little, maybe even weakening your immune system a bit. There’s really only one remedy for this – taking some to relax with a nice glass of juice (spiked juice, that is).

Nothing will get you back on your feet for the festivities faster than the Barbershop’s Breakfast Mash – a perfect blend of Wild Turkey Long branch bourbon, fresh lemon juice, orange marmalade, and a touch of maple syrup to balance it all out. If you’re looking something a little tart to pep you up, the Wink, made with rye whiskey, grapefruit juice and raspberry puree is the perfect holiday concoction.

Of course, the mixology masters at the Barbershop are ready to create the perfect cocktail to liven your holiday festivities. Choose from Barbershop favorites, like the Espresso Is in Fashion, the Mustache Ride, or the Black Beauty to make your spirits bright.

Nothing Beats a Classic Whiskey

Mixed cocktails are a great way to celebrate the holidays with friends but let’s be honest, nothing is better than the smooth warmth of the perfect whiskey making it’s way past your palate. At the Barbershop, you’ll experience the most impressive list of fine whiskeys in all of Vegas. Whether it’s a fine scotch that you like to relax with, or if you’re more of the American Whiskey type, the practically endless selections at the Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails will give you plenty of options to celebrate the entire holiday season.

Make Plans to Celebrate the Holidays at the Barbershop

What’s on your holiday itinerary his year? We’re sure it’s packed with plenty of festivities, and lots of adventures in Vegas. While you’re on the Strip, don’t forget about the place in Vegas where you can enjoy true whiskey culture, the way it was meant to be. Don’t miss out on the Holidays at the Barbershop. Stop and make your reservations by RSVPing today.