Whiskey Reserve Selection at Las Vegas’ Top Whiskey Bar

Whiskey Reserve Selection at Las Vegas’ Top Whiskey Bar

Feast your taste buds on the delicious whiskey you’re craving. Our skilled bartenders are ready and waiting.

Why visit The Barbershop?

We offer a prime location, a unique experience, and customized whiskey selections suitable for all visitors.

Speakeasies replaced traditional bars during Prohibition and in so doing quickly adapted a very low-key approach where drinks are served discreetly and rules about entry were strict. Only those in the know were allowed in. And although alcohol can be consumed openly now, our speakeasy follows that spirit of old with a Prohibition theme and brings to each visitor a time-honored discreet drinking environment.

But not all speakeasies are the same. Ours provides a range of whiskeys while other speakeasies focus on outdated mixed beverages and frilly cocktails served in teacups. 

What Makes the Barbershop Whiskey Bar Different from Other Speakeasies?

Our facility is an intimate space where guests can make reservations and peruse a vast menu of unique drinks ranging from craft beers to top-of-the-line whiskey. Our bartender will customize the perfect whiskey based on your flavor preference and even your mood. If you’re ready to leave the world behind and truly get lost in a rich world tradition and a whiskey, this is the place to do it.

At our Vegas whiskey bar, you can step into the past and learn about the city’s history with organized crime. With a prime location, our whiskey bar on the Strip makes it easy for tourists to drop on in for a clean shave and a clean drink. 

This cutting-edge concept combines unique possibilities for Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. Our cocktail bar also offers so much more. Accessible through an unassuming janitor door, once you are granted entry and pass by our doorman you will leave the world behind and find yourself in a Prohibition-era experience were style and substance come together. More than just an upscale bar our establishment is a fully-working barber shop so you can enjoy a cut or get a straight razor shave from the best barbers in Las Vegas while you sip on an expertly crafted whiskey beverage.

You can hang out on our swanky sofas and admire the richly appointed details throughout the space. With ambiance unlike any other bar on the Vegas Strip, this fully operational speakeasy encompasses the elements of the most popular whiskey bars in the world.

There might be many a Las Vegas speakeasies, but ours is the best Las Vegas whiskey bar on the Strip. The Barbershop is more than just a novelty or a museum. We have expert bartenders on hand ready to fill your order giving you three fingers of whatever whiskey you are craving. when you are done you will emerge with a stylish expert cut or shave and truly feel as though you stepped into a forgotten era. 

Don’t wait. Take advantage of the skilled hands of our barbers and bartenders while you relax in the environment of a bygone era.

Book your reservation today for a whiskey and shave at the best whiskey bar on the Vegas Strip by clicking the following link: https://thebarbershoplv.com/reservations/ .